Generative Art Laboratory [2013]

In a few words

A multi-disciplinary laboratory on art generated through autonomous systems.


The term “Generative Art” refers to art generated with the aid of an autonomous system. It is a fascinating concept for art and software development. Victor Zappi, Giacinto Barresi and I thought that the main theme of Genova’s 2013 Festival della Scienza – “beauty” – was the perfect occasion to present some concepts about human sensing and perception, through the aid of Generative Art (and our beloved interactive systems!). So, we presented a proposal for a multi-disciplinary laboratory about Generative Art and the perception of “beauty” in the visual arts and music. The laboratory was then presented during the Festival in Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridiana, Genoa.

The Laboratory

Each laboratory session started by presenting Generative Art from a historical, perceptual and technological point of view. Then, a number of interactive and non interactive audio-visual applications were developed and presented on a big, retro-projected screen. Each of these applications consisted in autonomous systems capable of generating perceptually intriguing works. Some applications were designed in order to help understand Gestalt principles.
During the laboratory, participants had the chance to paint generative drawings moving their own body, generate and manipulate projected audiovisual elements through a mobile interface, listen to autonomosly generated music, discuss their impressions.

Videos and pictures


dario mazzanti, 2021

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